If you are looking for a Dentist in the Ann Arbor, MI area, we welcome you to our practice.

After 36 years of practice, I am beginning to slow down and the time has come to retire and pass on my legacy to someone I can trust. My greatest concern has been to find a doctor who would continue the practice and provide my patients with the attention and care they deserve. I interviewed many prospective doctors,  but could not find the right fit.  Recently, I met Dr. Kevin Wieczerza.  

Dr. Wieczerza impressed me in many ways. He is very friendly and down to earth, with clear future career goals. As a US Army Captain, he volunteered for a spot in the Brigade Combat Team and served as the sole dentist for a deployable unit. As a University of Michigan graduate with six years of experience, he is well trained and comfortable with the latest technologies. I was most impressed by
Dr. Wieczerza’s professional philosophy. He enjoys working with a diverse group of patients and when it comes to care, he values quality over quantity.
Dr. Wieczerza lives in Ann Arbor and will raise his family here. He and his family share a home with two golden retrievers named Frank and Beans.

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Wieczerza has agreed to take over for me as the owner of the practice. To ensure a smooth transition, I will be working with him on a limited basis in a consulting role.  The practice will remain at the same location (4075 Stone School, Ann Arbor) and will have the same phone number (734-971-2200). Thank you for your trust and support over the years.

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