How Much for an Extraction?

The time and difficulty involved in extracting a tooth can vary from A to Z. Teeth that can be removed with minimal time and instrumentation are called  "simple extractions". Extractions that are more complex, requiring more time, expertise, instrumentation, and post-op care are called "surgical extractions". Wisdom teeth can be simple or surgical, but often they are "impacted", that is, submerged below the gum and embedded in bone.  The cost of extracting an impacted wisdom tooth depends on the degree of difficulty. 

The cost range (2015) for extractions

Simple Extraction:$136

Surgical Extraction:$270

Impacted Wisdom Tooth: $320--$425

Unfortunately, we cannot determine which type of extraction you might need over the phone.  It requires a dental exam and X-ray.  This allows us to assess when (today or another day) and where (here or other DDS/oral surgeon) the tooth may be extracted.