How Much to Clean My Teeth?

This is like asking "how much to clean my house?". It depends.  How many rooms?  How long has it been since the last cleaning?  What are the condition of the rooms?  Do the carpets simply need to be vacuumed or do they require deep cleaning with shampoo and stain remover?  The cost of cleaning your teeth or your house depends on the time and difficulty involved. 

Cleanings fall into three categories:

For healthy patients with good oral hygiene, a simple cleaning (prophylaxis) is most suitable.

For heavier stain and build-up but not yet gum disease, we would do a "debride cleaning" which includes some local anesthetic numbing and more chair time (still one visit only). 

If there is gum disease (bleeding gums, deep pocket measurements between the gum and tooth. loss of supporting bone), it requires non-surgical periodontal treatment (deep cleaning) which is done with local anesthetic numbing by quadrant over multiple visits.

The cost range (2015) for cleanings

Adult prophy: $82

Debride Cleaning: $164

Perio treatment (deep cleaning): $225/quadrant

Unfortunately, we cannot determine which type of cleaning you might need  over the phone.  It requires a dental exam and X-rays. This allows us to assess what is needed to get your teeth clean and healthy.